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Musical Scales 2.0

Learn many music scales in all the notes with this free, light program
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Scales are a very important element in music learning since they make up the base of all kinds of music. However, there are many different scales and learning them is a difficult, time-consuming task. This little, free program will help you study dozens of scales in all keys, including standard scales (major, minor, harmonic and melodic, among others), modal scales (phrygian, myxolidian, locrian and more), as well as special scales (bebop, blues, whole-tone) and other exotic scales (Hungarian, Japanese, Spanish, Egyptian, and so on). The program shows a control panel that allows you to configure it according to your needs. You can set the speed of the notes in beats per minute, as well as control the number of octaves shown. An indicator will show you the measure number and the beat in each measure. Also, you can choose the scale you want to study by selecting it from the menu. Once you have chosen the scale, you can select its root note and rhythm. You can transpose the scale to any key according to the instrument you play, as well as turn on/off the metronome. Once you have set up the desired parameters, you can push the Play button. The scale will appear on the staff and start playing. The played notes will show in blue both in the staff and in the keyboard at the bottom of the interface. Thus, you can see how a note sounds, where it appears on the staff and what key on the keyboard you need to stroke for playing it. All in all, it is a very useful program for musicians of all levels. Its only drawback is the lacking of a Help file. If you need to read it, you should go to the program's Internet site. The program is completely free, but you can make a donation if you wish.

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  • Lightweight
  • Very useful for learning many different scales in all tones


  • No Help file; you need to read it online
  • No additional information (also, you need to be online to read it)
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